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Easiest way to keep your PC Healthy and running


Today I've decided to share some of my experience on how to keep your PC healthy and alive. With this method I have been using my PC for over 4 years without the need of reinstalling the OS.
If there are any question related to the guide, please feel free to post a reply.

First of all I have to mention that this guide applies for older PCs as well. Since the one at home is back from 2006, it still runs on Win XP, now with SP3, but I've tested this 'build' on a Win 7, so no worries there. : ]

CPU: AMD Sempron 1,6 GHz 3000+
Video: Nvidia GeForce 6100 nForce 405 512MB
RAM: 1.5 GB DDR2

The software mentioned below, have been installed from 2008 till present.
Firstly I got Spybot - Search & Destroy.

Its a pretty neat program, has a great potential and does what it says.

There are 3 main options:
Search & Destroy - searches the whole computer, analyzes it and clears permanently the spyware detected
Recovery - this is the back up function, recovers files that you might have removed during the analyzing and removing process
Immunize - this prevents spyware from infecting your PC thru methods of your browser/s
There are a lot of other tools that this software offers, for the full list, go to Mode - > Advanced, then go to Tools and a list of the tools is listed there. If anyone wants me to explain all of them, feel free to ask me.
Another thing that the program offers is a live scanner for changes in the registry called TeaTimer. The TeaTimer was the main motive for me to download and install this.

Second of the whole build is Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE).

Its free and it does what it says. Its true that its not perfect, it may miss a thing or two, but that's why we have installed Spybot first.
Program is really easy to work with, download, install and update. There is a scan scheduler which can be used to define a scheduled scan. There are different types of scan as well. What is nice about this software is that it offers a real-time protection. It runs smoothly and quietly.

Last but not least is Malwarebytes.

Its an anti-virus and anti-malware which offer a really powerful free version. Yet the paid one can be download, but I suggest buying it to support to creators, its worth the investment. There's only one little downside that the program has in its free version and thats the lack of real time scanning, thats why we have the other two programs above.
If you have the time to scan you PC once or twice a week everything will be great, if not make a scheduled scan. : ]

I hope that this guide works for you guys. I will not post any download links since I think that this isnt the right place. If you feel lazy about finding, downloading and setting up these 3 programs, I can make a sub guide for that.


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