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Windows XP Se7en Black Edition with 2500 Drivers

Name: XP Se7en Black Edition
Service Pack: 3
System: x86 (32bit)
Product K.@.y: Not Needed
WGA: Cracked
Setup options: Boot Only
Upgrade: NO (Fresh install only)
This version of Windows XP is designed for your convenience.
More then 10.000 driver included. (be patient while exctracting driver)
14 7zip file driver.
- MainBoard
- Sound
- Graphics
7Zip 4.57
IDm 5.17 Build 2
Winamp 5.41
Black 7 Themes Pack
KLMCodec 4.25
FireFox 3.05
Win RAR 3.80
Win 7 Wallpaper
Faster startup of Windows XP
Increase speed by tweaking prefetcher settings
Increase XP NTFS performance
Launch apps with desired priority setting
Memory Performance Tweak
Proformance Increase through My Computer
Reduce 10 second scandisk wait time
Remove hibernation file
Shutdown XP Faster
Speed Boot – Shave 2 Seconds
Speed up Menu Appearence Without Causing Problems with zero…
Speed up menu display
Speed up Network Browsing
The System Configuration Utility
Turn off System Restore to save space
And MOre…………..
Password :


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