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Top Best and Cool Computer Tricks

1. With Internet

If you are a person who assess the internet on a regular basis, then you will have to clean your temporary files on a regular basis. You can clean your temporary files by going to control panel and choosing internet option and deleting all files in the temporary files category. You should also delete offline cookies and keep record of your browsing history only for a day or two. If you follow these practices you will have a computer that works in a faster and smooth manner.

2. Some of the Keyboard Tricks

Create the ® symbol Alt + 0174 = ®
0176 = ° [degrees for Temperature]
0174 = ® [Registered Trademark]
0153 = ™ [Trade Mark]
169     [Copyright]

3. Notepad Secrets

To create a log in notepad all you have to do is type in ".log” without quotes in your notepad document. The next time you open the notepad document you will have the log entries of date and time every time you open the file.

4. Basic PC Shortcuts

Some basic PC shortcuts are
  • Ctrl+ A= select all
  • F1= Help
  • Ctrl+ X= cut
  • Ctrl+ C= copy
  • Ctrl+ V= Paste

5. Turn Your PC Into a Karaoke Player

You can do so by downloading free software, this software is free for non – commercial uses. You can convert your desktop as well as your laptop to a karaoke machine and you can also get it connected to your home theater.

6. Disable The Auto Play Option of Your USB Drive or External Hard Disk

All you have to do is press shift key when you install the USB drive in your PC or laptop. This disables the auto play option and prevents the entry of virus.

7. To Add Water Mark for Your Word Document

Select the option format in the word document you want to add water mark. In option format you will find an option as Background, other there select the option of Printed water mark.

8. Burn CD Without Software in Windows XP

All you need for this is a empty compact disk, you have to copy the needed contents and then go to My Computer open the Compact Disk and paste the contents. The data will be copied into the compact disk within a matter of minutes.

9. Reset The password for Your Windows Login

In case you forgot your password and do not know what to do, then you can still recover all your data with the help of software.  Download bootdisk, along with it you will also get a password recovery tool kit, using the password recovery tool kit; you can retrieve back all your data. The only thing you will have to be cautious about is that if you have EFS encrypted files then you will lose access to the EFS encrypted files.

10. Some Shortcut Keys for Internet Explorer

  1. You will select the word by double clicking on the MS Word
  2. When you triple click on the word you will select the entire line
  3. Ctrl+ mouse scroll backward will decrease the font size while Ctrl+ mouse scroll upward will increase the font size.


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