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Sticky Password Manager free

Sticky Password Manager is an intelligent form filler and password management program. It remembers and automatically fills in login, password and other fields. It works with any program or web browser on your computer including Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.
Unlike other password managers, that just used to keep and recall passwords, Sticky Password integrates password management features to any program on your computer.
ou can access and manage your passwords immediately! Forget about "prehistoric" searching through the list of passwords.

Of cource passwords are filled to appropriate fields automatically, but what if you have several passwords stored for an account? We have a solution! 
Some programs like Internet Explorer, Firefox and others can remember passwords for different accounts, but Sticky Password Manager offers a better solution because:
It is ease to backup and migrate passwords with Sticky Password Manager Sticky Password Manager remembers passwords for any web page or program window. The passwords are stored in a single, strongly protected database. It is also very easy to backup and migrate all of your passwords.
The passwords available only when password storage is unlocked The passwords that could be automatically stored by Internet Explorer or Firefox are potentially available to other users who may have access to the user's computer. Passwords stored by Sticky Password Manager are available only when the password storage database is unlocked. Only an authorized user can lock or unlock it at any time. In addition, the password storage is locked automatically after a user specified time of mouse and keyboard inactivity.
Sticky Password Manager remembers multiple passwords for single account Sticky Password Manager can remember multiple passwords for a single account, which is not possible with known built-in password managers.
It is the solution to manage all passwords from one place. And finally - some programs do not have built-in password managers at all, so Sticky Password Manager is the only way to manage all of your passwords in one place.
The form filler works for usual programs as well as web pages. Password, login and other fields are filled automatically only when you need it
The password storage database is protected with strong encryption algorithms that make it impossible to decrypt it in any acceptable amount of time.


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