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Sim-Emu 6.02 configurator v2.2

Supported Models:

    * The new features and improvements introduced were:

    * Support of up to 10 distinct numbers of distinct operators simultaneously.
    * PIN security management equal to the original SIM. (3 PIN attemps + 10 PUK

    * Better compatibility with mobile brands
    * Configurable capacity between 1 and 254 phonebook entries de with 18

characters for name
    * Capacity configurable between 1 and 99 SMS
    * Possibility do define the FDN (Fixed Dialing Numbers list) (up to 254 FDN's)
    * Simultaneous configuraction of up to 99 SMS's, 254 phonebook entries and 222

fixed dialing numbers
    * Configurator Program SIM_EMU_6.01_CFG.exe
    * Private "Message centre number (SMSc)" for each of the 10 phone numbers
    * Built-in compatible ICProg loader to read/write the external EEPROM
    * Support for instructions required by some mobiles (SEEK) for PHILIPS and

    * Rewritten mobile communication proceedures for better compatibility
    * Storage of the 10 last dialed numbers. (Used only by some brands of mobiles)
    * Configuration of the 10 possible numbers on the mobile using SMSs
    * Selection of the number of SMS's and phonebook entries on the mobile
    * Scripts to backup / restore SMS's and ADN's
    * SIM-EMU management using the mobile menus (if the mobile supports SATK)
    * Phone switching without powering down the mobile (does not work on all

    * Reset option to re-ask the PIN. (if switching by menu does not work)
    * Configuration of the 10 possible numbers using the menu (creating and deleting)
    * Configuration of the number of SMS's using the menu
    * Possibility to set a description to each of the 10 phone numbers
    * Current phone and associated description checking
    * Current configuration (SMS/ADN and active phone numbers) checking
    * Version information, author (websites and email)
    * Implementation of the INCREASE for cost control
    * Cardinal compatibility for phonebook management
    * Permanent on-screen current number information (now on most mobiles)
    * Number switching using a menu with a list of available numbers
    * Position associated description length increased to 16 characters.
    * Implementation of the INVALIDATE a REHABILITATE instructions for FDN

    * New SMS format to reconfigure the number of phonebook entries
    * Possibility to store in the phonebook some numbers with more that 20 digits
    * Independant cost control for each of the 10 positions
    * GPRS support
    * Complete PIN2/PUK2 managment, independant from the 10 PIN/PUK of each

    * SIM-EMU configuration is now made using PIN2 instead of current PIN
    * Menu option to change PIN2/PUK2
    * New SMS format to change PIN2/PUK2
    * Flash protection
    * Correct management of PIN protected files
    * Possibility to enable/disable the "Select Phone" menu
    * Possibility to enable/disable internal Loader
    * Compatibility with new Panasonic and Sagem models (this later yet to verify)
    * Better compatibility with GSM Programmer
    * Possibility to disable PIN, enabling one of the positions by default
    * Editing any of the position descriptions from any selected position
    * Behaviour change when updating the number of SMSs on the mobile

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