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Proxy Hunter TUT

We usually get large numbers of proxies from websites or forums. We are sharing other people's achievement. Do you want to find proxies by yourself? If so, Proxy Hunter can help you as long as you have enough patience and online time. Proxy Hunter is a classical and powerful tool for scanning and verifying proxies. Download it here, if you don't have it.

We will focus on the scan function which is the specialty of Proxy Hunter. You can test the found proxies with other tools such as AD or proxy checker.

Now let us begin. After the English installation process, you can start the software and a warning dialog will show as below.

You can see the main menu after pressing "Let me in!" button

Press the "Add task" button to add a new scan task.

Choose "Searching task" for task type and press "next". You will see this dialog

Add IP ranges to scan using "add" button. You will see this dialog "Add searching IP range

Choose "start-end" in the "range type" and enter IP addresses in the "Start addr" and "End addr". For example, you can use as "Start addr" and as "End addr" to scan free proxies in US Wisconsin University. If you do not know the IP range, please refer to here.

Press "next" after adding the IP range you want to scan. Then you will see this dialog

Add ports to scan using "add" button. You will see this dialog "Add port and protocol

Choose the "port range"(actually it's "single port", it's a bug) and fill in the port. Press "OK" after doing that. You will have to use this dialog several times to add these commonly used ports: 8080,80,3128,1080. The more ports you add the more proxies you will find, but too many ports will make the scan process lengthy.

Press "Finish" in "Add scan task 3" and you will return to the "Main menu". Now you can press the "Start scan" button and go to sleep

Next morning you will find that you have got a lot of proxies in the "Result manager" page

Now you can output the result and test it with other tools. And I should tell you that a majority of the result is trashy. The picture above shows the test result by Proxy Hunter.
Tip: You can add the "parellel socks" (max thread) number to speed up your searching in the "Setting menu

Proxy Hunter is a good tool for those people who have enough time and patience and it's usually the ultimate source of the fresh proxies. If you don't have much time or patience, you can try another great tool

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