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Pages 3 Portable is an entirely free and impressively complete office suite which includes word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentations and more. All the things you’re likely to find in Microsoft Office — but for free.

Installation and Setup
Considering 3 is an entire suite of applications, installation can take a while. The program also relies on a larger download than most free software. Compared to Microsoft Office, the installation takes under half the time. You can customise the program to only install the programs you want, so if you know you’ll never need the database software, you can avoid it completely.
Ease of Use is one of those programs you really can’t believe you don’t have to pay any money for. It’s clearly taken much of its design and features from Microsoft’s famous Office 2003 but has removed the price tag, thrown in a few features of its own and even better offers full compatibility between the two applications. Unfortunately there’s not yet any support for Office 2007 file formats which could prove to be a problem in the future.


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