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Microsoft Windows 8 KMS ACtivator v1.5.1

Serial insertion
KMS Server Selection
KMS Activating
KMS Background activating (Constantly looks for and tries servers for activation)
Metro inspired UI
Language Pack Installing
Windows Rearm (Works on 7 as well)
Auto Server Updating

Fixed the issue where it could not detect what server you picked
Fixed the issue with the command popups
Improved background activator
More bug fixes

What to do if it doesn't work:
Make sure you ran it as Admin
The KMS server might be down, more servers will be included in future releases
Make sure you have the proper KMS key that you need installed, more keys and auto OS detection will be added in future releases
Getting error saying something about non-core, you're inserting a key not for your version
Do not use a proxy
If you have any other issues, post below



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