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LibreOffice 3.6.1 Stable

LibreOffice 3.6.1 Stable
LibreOffice 3.6.1 Stable|199.8 Mb

LibreOffice - can serve as a complete replacement for the office suite from Microsoft, the program contains a large number of applications that are comparable in features with similar applications from the famous package Microsoft Office: Writer - a word processor; Calc - a spreadsheet; Impress - the creation and viewing of multimedia presentations; Draw - a vector graphics editor; Math - editor for mathematical formulas. One of the most positive qualities - the ability to work all these applications with the relevant documents formats MS Office.

LibreOffice is free and is open source, so you can free to download, use and learn LibreOffice. LibreOffice free for private and for educational or commercial use. It can be used without any licensing fees to your family, friends, colleagues, students, staff, etc.

Allows you to create and edit all common document formats, including formats ofdocuments MS Office. Own document format LibreOffice OpenDocument Format (ODF), approved by the International Organization for Standardization ISO as standard ISO / IEC 26300:2006. LibreOffice office suite lets you upload any document in PDF (ISO 32000). 

Composition LibreOffice

LibreOffice consists of six components of the programs:
• Text editor and editor of web-pages Writer;
• spreadsheet Calc;
• A tool for presentations and demonstrations Impress;
• vector editor Draw;
• Database Management System Base;
• Editor for creating and editing formulas Math.

All components are integrated into a common nucleus and, thus, have a good compatibility with each other. The functionality of all components provides everything you need and allows you to solve the main tasks of the user. To store the results of the file format used by ODF (ISO / IEC 26300:2006), based on XML, and became an international standard.

The main features of LibreOffice
LibreOffice has some interesting features, partially or completely absent in other office suites:
Cross-platform. Currently LibreOffice can be used on all popular platforms: Linux (32 - and 64-bit systems), Windows (2000 and later), MacOS, FreeBSD and Solaris.

Tools to help you create, edit and manage documents:
- Gallery to insert images;
- Navigator to move through the document and search;
- Stylist to create, edit, and manage document formatting styles;
Data sources for importing data from databases or spreadsheets.

Support formats MS Office. You can easily open and save documents in the formats MS Office 97-2003. Also supports import files in Office OpenXML (MS Office 2007).

Export to PDF. Exports in this format is supported from all components (except Base). With a special extension is also possible to import PDF to LibreOffice Draw.
Support for extensions. LibreOffice provides an opportunity to develop independent third-party extensions, providing additional functionality to the end user. Extensions can be easily installed and removed.


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