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How To Format Memory Card Using Command Prompt

Windows was unable to format memory card (Solution) :

Windows was unable complete the format”. Are you one of those who is getting such kind of error messages while formatting the memory card/USB drive. Here is the solution to this problem. Try to format the memory card from the command prompt by following these steps.

Warning: Before proceeding further take backup of all your important data as formatting process will erase all data of your memory card.

First of all, Insert your memory card into memory card reader and then plug it to the USB port then

Step 1: Click Start then choose Run.. option from the menu. Run dialog box will be appeared on the screen.

Step 2: Type in CMD at there and then press Enter key

Step 3: Command prompt screen will be appeared on the screen.

Step 4: Type Format < drive name: > at the command prompt (In my case memory card is I drive) so i will type here Format I: then press Enter key to start formatting process.
As you press Enter key it will ask you

Note : Always make sure that you are typing appropriate drive name otherwise you will format different drive, incase if it is incorret.

Insert new disk for drive i:
and press Enter when ready….

as shown in the image below.

Step 5: Now Press Enter key. Formatting will be started, After formatting It will ask you to Enter Volume Label for the memory card. Type a desired name there for your memory card and then press Enter key. If you don’t need to give a name to the memory card then just press the Enter key.

Step 6: Now type Exit at command prompt to return to windows.
And you are done.
Hope this trick will solve such kind of formatting problem. You can also try this method for formatting USB pen drive.


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