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How to easily create virus to restart pc

Well, I know there are lots of techniques available to restart computer. But all the techniques  requires a basic knowledge of  programming. But in this technique you do not need to know whole programming language but you need just little programming  knowledge. You can also create a program to restart window automatically every start up using c or c++ language.You can also programming in other languages and make virus to create a virus to restart program.
So remember friends, it is not a real virus and the main instance is not to make a virus but i want to teach you something in batch programming. so let's start.

What is batch programming?
Batch programming is the programming language offered by Microsoft windows operating system. Batch file can be created using any of text editors like word pad notepad etc.This programming language is deserves interpreter method means it executed line by line.
You can perform lots of operation using this programming language like deleting files of same type or diffrent types,clear unwanted computer craps,creating logs and also create batch virus like restart window every time when it start.

So first open notepad and paste there following code.

shutdown /t 30 /r /c "Your computer detects a virus"

Now save as it with .bat extension. and run the file and thats it.

You can see the message that " Your computer detects Virus" and the computer will be shut down in 30 seconds and restart again.
/t indicates time interval that can be changed.
/r indicates restart windows you can change it to /s to only shutdown windows.
/c indicates the message that you want to display.


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