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Get Free Account Hostgator Hosting

According to the title of the Post It is said that get free web hosting on Hosgator for free , and it True am Not joking am serious ,

1) Go sign up for a Hosgator web host. by going to

2) Choose baby Or hatchling plan.
3) Register your domain. Then proceed to next page. this is where You type the coupon in at.

2 CouPon Codes :

Couopon Codes:



Exactely Copy The SAME code

4) Then Enter the Checkout and look at your total due amount.
5) You will now notice that the cost goes to $0.01.

6) The Only Thing You Have To Do Now is pay 0.01$ with paypal or other method ,

( Oh COMe ON it was 9$ but it is now become a 0.01$ So dont be an ass and pay 0.01$ )
6) Confirmation email will be sent to your given email and your Cpannel details are also in your Email !

I know it is very difficult to pay even 0.01$ for some users,

enjoy dree account of hostgator hosting


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