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Download Operation System Windows Xp Sp3 Pro Ultimate Black Edition Update V.3.0

Windows XP Pro Black Edition operating system is Windows XP Service Pack 3, which has been edited. This operating system was still the idol of the fans of Microsoft's operating system, the article not only easy to use Windows XP can be modified as desired by the developers, one of which is Windows XP Black Edition with Service Pack 3 that has been modified as Windows Vista, even during installation is not necessary to enter the serial number and there is some driver installer that can run directly on the time of installation, including. Net Framwork, Realtek, among others.With Windows XP SP3 Black Edition is almost identical to Windows XP Ultimate Seven of my previous post, there were few differences in appearance. once installed, then there will be some support software no longer needs to be installed are:* Acrobat 8.0* Increased WindowBlind 5:04* TuneUp Utilities Home* Microsoft Java VM Build 3809* Sun Java 2 Version5.0.6 w/SP2* IE 7 Final Activated* Firefox* Thunderbird* Klite Codec Pack 2.80* Windows Media Player 11* ZoneAlarm 6.5.737.2006 Pro* Blindwrite by experience* Nero Lite * PowerISO 7:59* Ultra Iso IIS MP3 Code ** Quicktime Alternative* Acrobat Reader* WinRAR* Windows Vista RTM sidebar - Added Segoe Print and Segoe - Added more widgets - Fixed Version Number in Add or Remove Programs - Minor changes RegDLL - Now uses shortcut ProfileItems Quick Start - The improved installation process (no more RunOnceEx Box) - Fixed VAIO Shell Extension not registering - Added Vista Calculator and Drive Info Gadgets - changed skin to Glass - Quick Launch shortcut moved to userprofile - Systray Icon issue FIXED! - Added Calibri fonts - Changed the Sidebar Skin to a much more pleasant, as seen in the screenshot - Shortcut placement changed All Programs to All Programs and Accessories.
Operating system Windows Xp Sp3 Pro Ultimate Black Edition adalah Windows XP SP3 yang telah di edit. OS yang satu ini masih idola penggemar dari Sistem Operasi Microsoft, selain mudah dioperasikan Windows XP dapat dimodifikasi oleh para pengembang seperti yang anda inginkan, salah satunya adalah Windows XP Black Edition Dengan SP3 yang telah dimodifikasi seperti Windows Vista, bahkan selama instalasi tidak lagi perlu untuk memasukkan Serial Number dan ada beberapa installer driver yang dapat dijalankan langsung pada saat instalasi, termasuk. Net Framwork, Realtek dan lain-lain.
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