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BombusQD for Android

This is a cool bombus from which you can online your nimbuzz id or any other jabber id.This bombus is of very use in android.Most bombus doesnt work good on android which creates problem for the nimbuzz users.But this bombus is very cool and will make u feel comfort while using this BombusQD.It is an orignal bombus.Most bombus of mobile and android are edited and this cause that ur id can be h4cked.So i believe to use orignal thing is always safe rather than duplicate.


I tell you some basic steps to use it if you got any confusion.

1.Download and install this on your android and open it.
2.There will be 3 options you ll see choose the 3rd option of +add profile.
3.For nimbuzz id then you will choose Jabber option.
4.Enter your username in the username part.
5.In section of JID, write your full nimbuzz id example:
6.Write password and then connect.
7.Your account has been created now.
8.Try to login now -- if login fails goto your account and choose edit option.
9.You will see ur profile now and various option,there you will see 
Host name/IP option.
10. On hostname/IP just write or
Write anyone from above host.
Then save it and login.It will login and work.

And for conference option most of you all know.If you have any doubt just tell me through your comment.


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