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BCL easyConverter Desktop 3.0

Portable BCL easyConverter Desktop 3.0

Portable BCL easyConverter Desktop 3.0 | 11 Mb

BCL easyConverter Desktop - A reliable tool to convert Adobe PDF documents into Microsoft Word format with a minimum loss. Retains original document formatting attributes and converts graphics.

Format PDF - continues to gain popularity on the Internet, due to its advantages of convenient storage and sharing of documents of any size and complexity of online. Many of the online libraries, online shopping and themed websites offer valuable information to download in PDF. 

The only problem arises when we need some way to extract information from PDF file to work. It may take a lot of effort and time, if you do not convert the file to one of the editable formats that can support such popular programs such as MS Word, MS Excel. 

To work with the BCL easyConverter Desktop you do not need to install Adobe Acrobat on your computer. Application converts PDF files intact, preserving the formatting and structure of the original document in the converted copies.

Another advantage of the program is its universal compatibility with different versions of PDF documents. Even localized files PDF, created with multibyte characters are recognized without problems.

Key features: 
1) Keep all formatting attributes (fonts, colors, styles, spacing) 
2) Convert the schedule 
3) Convert the formula 
4) Recognize the table 
5) Adobe Acrobat or Reader is not required 
6) Ability to convert individual pages 
7) Two modes of optimization: 
- Make the text editable 
- To keep the original format 
8) Support command line 
9) Easy to use wizard-interface 
10) Full support of the Russian language in the documents. 
Conversion Samples 
- Table of Data

In converting PDF to Word, BCL easyConverter Desktop keeps the page layout and formats of your original PDF. You can then copy-paste and modify the content of your PDF in Word and other Office applications. 

With BCL easyConverter Desktop you can convert the PDF into Word while preserving the table formatting, which can be copied to Excel for further editing. 
This product may NOT be able to produce an editable Word document if one of the following conditions applies to your PDF: Limitations: 

- Not by OCR, stored in a graphical representation (OCR) 
- Your PDF was created by a scanner 
- Your PDF has security restrictions 
- Your PDF is a form
— Your PDF is a form



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