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In this tutorial inshallah i'll tell you how to secure your facebook account from being hacked by hackers
Frist of all their are some points which you need to fix in your mind while using facebook :)
  • Never download un trusted file 
  • may some fake friends gave you a link and ask you to download it .Use your mind if it is software then ask him/her for its official site so that you can download secure file
  • Never enter you USERNAME and PASSWORD in any website which seems to be not original
Their are three types of phishing but will will discuss only two types of phishing  which are used by hackers .
  1. Through web hosting 
  2. Through blogging
First of all we will discuss first one Through  web hosting
You can easily recognize webhost phishing by its url  

this login page will come in front of you after typing

must check url before login

Click here for image

If  url is different like this and facebook login page come in front of You then don't type your USERNAME and PASSWORD use your mind that time :)
If some one ask you to like my page please he/she sent you link of his/her page

Click here to see the image

this is phishing link he try to hack :)

He sent me link and ask me to like my page when i clicked on the link new facebook login page was opened

click on picture to view in bigger size 
You can see the url of facebook page is different and login page is same it means it is not real facebook 
prevent to type USERNAME and PASSWORD on these sites 

Second type of phishing is through blogging 
This type of phishing is also need web hosting but it is not easy to recognize its spam or original
You may visit some blogs and some websites where you get pop 
ENTER your facebook id and PASSWORD  
You can see image below
click on the picture to view in bigger size
 This is also fake message    which inspire you to type your USERNAME and PASSWORD
I have proof of this

I entered wrong USERNAME and PASSWORD and click on Connect to facebook 
check below by clicking on image
lol click here for bigger view

It redirect me to different page with fake message :D
CLICK on the image to see in big size
It is saying yor are connected successfully even i typed usename and password incorrect
you can check url it also used bythost webhost 
I don't know how many visiters does he hacked :)


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