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Adobe Photoshop CS6 13.0

Adobe Photoshop CS6 13.0 Extended (x32/x64)

Adobe Photoshop CS6 13.0 Extended (x32/x64) | 423MB

Among the most interesting innovations are the following
Technology Truer Edge, improves the definition of boundaries of objects in photographs.
Tool Content-Aware Fill to remove from the image of an object and automatically fill the space with relevant content.
Advanced tools for working with HDR-images, which include tool HDR Pro, which improved removal of artifacts and image adjustments. Using the HDR-toning, you can mimic the appearance of HDR-images for the usual picture.

Tools Mixer Brush, blending the colors in one brush
Puppet Warp Tool for the strain of any element of the image. It can, for example, change the landscape to create a different perspective, or to straighten a bent arm.
ability to save 16-bit image format JPEG.
Custom mini-bar Adobe Mini Bridge for fast file management, which is available directly from the application.

Components to be installed
Adobe Photoshop Core
Adobe Photoshop Driver
Adobe Photoshop Support
- Adobe Suite Shared Configuration
Adobe Player for Embedding
Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw
- Adobe CMaps
- Adobe Color CommonSet CMYK
- Adobe RGB Color CommonSet
Adobe Photoshop Color Specific
- Adobe Dynamic Link MediaServer
- Adobe Dynamic Link Support
- Adobe Type Support
- Adobe Color Video Profiles
- Adobe XMP Panels

Removed components
Adobe Bridge
Adobe Camera Profiles Installer
Adobe Color EU Extra Settings
Adobe Color EU Recommended Settings
Adobe Color JA Extra Settings
Adobe Color JA Recommended Settings
Adobe Color NA Extra Settings
Adobe Color NA Recommended Settings
Adobe CSXS Infrastructure
Extensions CSXS Adobe
Adobe Device Central
Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit
Adobe Extension Manager
Adobe Fonts Recommended
Adobe Fonts Required
Adobe Hunspell Linguistics Plugin
Adobe Linguistics
Adobe Mini Bridge
Adobe PDF Library Files
Adobe PDF Settings
Adobe WinSoft Linguistics Plugin
Adobe switchboard

1. Remove all traces of previous installations of Adobe Photoshop in the system
2. Make sure that the file % CommonProgramFiles% \ Adobe \ Adobe PCD \ Cache \ Cache.db not set the attribute " Read Only "
3. Install an Administrator !

Assembly adapted for the automatic (silent) installation
does not require registration and activation;
Only English and Russian interface;
Updated Camera Raw module to version 7.1,
Hidden toolbar buttons and menu items for remote components.

System requirements:
Operating system : Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 (x64/x32)
Processor: Intel Pentium 4, 64 processor
Memory: 2Gb
Hard disk: 1.5Gb
Monitor: 1024x768 pixels on a screen
Video: 512Mb (it is advisable to update the driver for "3D")



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