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54 Themes For Windows XP

54 Themes For Windows XP
OS : Windows XP | 43 MB 

How to set the theme or style for Windows XP, if there is no automatic installation?

1. Download the theme or style.
2. Then install the patch to work properly so he is in the archive!
3. After installing the patch and reboot your computer, we can proceed to install a theme or style for Windows XP: copy the theme folder in the directory (C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes\
4. After all the theme files are copied, click the right mouse button on the desktop, and select the item    (property), the properties go to the tab “design” in this tab, there are a few points, we need the item “Windows and buttons, here we choosing set us free, and color scheme for her. All – to set a theme is complete!


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